QMED Exhibition Visitor Schedule

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  • 25 March 201911 AM - 8 PMQNCC
  • 26 March 201911 AM - 8 PMQNCC
  • 27 March 201911 AM - 8 PMQNCC


The Medical & Health
Exhibition of Qatar!

QMED is the main brand name of Qatar’s International Medical and Health Exhibition, jointly organised by local Doha based Sogha Exhibitions and Conferences along with London based ExCo Media. The event will be held at the brand new, world-class and prestigious Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) One of the largest and most technologically advanced venues in the Middle East.

Due to the large nature of the global Medical and Health industry, the QMED Exhibition has been split into ten (10) parts in order to make exhibitor participation, sponsorship, conference topics and visitor attendance structured and more accurate. These areas of Medical and Health have been created based on the local and regional needs of Qatar and the Middle East, respectively.

These parts are as follows:

QBlue Zone

QBlue Zone is dedicated to Diabetes in the QMED Exhibition.
The universal colour of Diabetes is Blue.

There are approximately 382 Million Diabetes sufferers in the world with the number expected to increase by 55% to 592 Million by 2035! Qatar is one of the highest per capita Diabetes suffering countries in the world with 22.9% of total population (number 10)! Dedicating a specific area of the QMED Exhibition faces this national condition in Qatar and supports resolving the issue long-term through world-class healthcare services and support, technologies and education ascertained nationally and internationally.

This special focus to a particular health problem for a nation and region of the world within the confines of a general Medical and Health Exhibition and Conferences is unique to QMED.

The organisers of QMED will provide 20% of all revenue generated from space sold in the QBlue Zone to the Qatar Diabetes Association.


QMedical Devices

QMedical Devices presents an opportunity for Companies and Organisations that manufacture, distribute and/or support in the following areas:

– Accident and Emergency Equipment
– Building Technology and Hospital Furniture
– Communication, Systems & Information Technology
– Diagnostics
– Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
– Medical Components and Materials
– Medical Cosmetology
– Medical Supplies and Disposables
– Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic / Rehabilitation Technology
– Other related areas and services


QMedical Education

QMedical Education has a special focus in Qatar.
The Government of Qatar has invested in making collaborations with world-renowned universities such as Weill Cornell, Texas A&M and Georgetown, as well as home-grown centres such as Sidra Medical and Research Centre and Qatar Science & Technology Park in order to establish further skills and knowledge.

This part of the Exhibition includes universities, specialised and general medical colleges, publishers of university books and materials as well as private education organisations and companies that provide education services and support in the industry.


QHealth Insurance

The National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) is a government-owned organisation that manages and operates SEHA, the national health insurance scheme in the State of Qatar.

The scheme started in July 2013 and provides mandatory health insurance coverage through a network of public and private providers for everyone in the country and forms a key component in the realisation of the National Health Strategy and the overall Qatar National Vision.

Based on the importance and strategic vision of Health Insurance in Qatar, the QHealth Insurance section invites public and private Healthcare insurance providers to participate and showcase their products, innovations, technologies and services.



QDent provides a platform for companies and organisations that provide the following:

– Dental Equipment and Supplies
– Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry
– Dental Practice / Laboratory Furniture
– Model & Denture Materials / Artificial Teeth
– Oral Hygiene and Products
– Work Aids & Materials for Dental Labs
– Professional & Protective Clothing Services
– Sterilisation / Disinfectant Devices
– Software & IT Solutions
– Other related areas and services


QMedical Tourism

QMedical Tourism is being provided for the first time in an international Medical and Health Exhibition in Qatar.
It is a unique and fast-paced growing area of the Medical and Health industry and Qatar already has examples of special medical services it provides that are scarce in the Middle East region such as the Qatar Robotic Surgery Centre as well as Transplant Surgery services.

This part of the Exhibition has the objective of not only showcasing the potential that Qatar has to offer in Medical Tourism but also providing an opportunity for international organisations and companies such as tour operators and travel agencies, medical tourism companies, IT companies in tourism and also education, training and associated services to exhibit the possibilities.



QPharma encompasses the machinery, equipments, materials & services for the Pharmaceutical industry.

This presents an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase related areas such as Automation and IT systems, Biopharmaceutical / Biotechnology and Bioinformatics as well as Pharmaceutical Machinery & Equipment, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Systems and Services, Raw Materials/Ingredients, Logistics (Warehousing and Distribution) and any other relevant products, services, technologies and/or equipment.



QLab is a specialised area of the Exhibition focused on Medical and Health laboratory services, equipment, technologies, innovations and products.

This can include companies and organisations that provide the following:

– Laboratory equipment, instruments and supplies
– Clinical products and services
– Design and Engineering services
– Research and development services
– Product safety & control mechanisms
– Analysis and management technologies & products



QHealth represents a generic and catch- all brand within the QMed Exhibition that includes but is not limited to companies and organizations that provide services, technologies and support specializing in patient care and complex surgeries and treatments.

It includes looking after the elderly, disabled and others that require particular health support.

In addition, this area serves providing healthcare services such as care, treatment, wellness, education, consulting, psychology and other services with respect to family health and related issues.



QWellness is the part of the Exhibition that combines the physical, mental and spiritual components of the human body.

This provides an opportunity for exhibitors specialising in nutrition, dieting, fitness, Yoga and all other related areas of wellness to showcase their products, technologies, services and innovations.